Vertek Industrial Supply, Inc., is an industrial goods manufacturer’s representative.
We represent American, Canadian, European & Indian companies in Mexico & in Latin America.
Our mission is to serve the growing demand of Latin American consumers in the electric utility, nuclear power generation, petroleum, marine & metallurgic sectors.
This is where we apply the background of our members and the experience of many years of doing business in Mexico.
Through our Vertek offices in Mexico, we maintain a visible presence and close relationship with the major industrial consumers.

Nuclear Power Generation

Vertek supplies major components for the CFE Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Plant. 

We also provide solutions for the safe removal of radioactive waste from the Nuclear power plant in Laguna Verde. Providing services for the cooling and shielding and transportation to the storage pools. 

  • Nuclear fuel supply
  • Spent fuel racks  
  • Decontamination management services
  • Waste management services.
  • Provide market studies
  • Refueling
  • Loading campaigns
  • Filtration
  • Outages

Electricity Transmissions

Supply of components for the construction, maintenance and expansion of transmission lines such as hardware, insulators and surge arresters. Vertek has helped CFE build thousands of kilometers of 115, 230 and 400 kV transmission lines throughout Mexico. We continually bid on projects to expand Mexico’s electricity transmission line network.

Among other services

  • Coordinate third party inspections, arranging witnessing of sampling and testing.
  • High Voltage substation surge arresters
  • High voltage glass and composite insulators
  • Transmission line construction components
  • Security devices for electric meters
  • Automated remote metering for electric meters
  • Metal enclosures for industrial, commercial and residential electricity distribution