Vertek Industrial Supply, Inc is a Texas corporation founded in 1988.  We are a trading and consulting company that specializes in selling goods and services to electric utilities and the nuclear power plant in Mexico.   We seek new business opportunities and advise American as well as European and Asian companies that wish to sell their products and services in Mexico. Even though our area of expertise is in the electric and nuclear utility industry we also have extensive knowledge of other industries such as petrochemical and marine.

Vertek’s headquarter is located in Houston, Texas.  We have an additional 8 offices in Mexico:  Mexico City, Monterrey, Veracruz, Irapuato, Morelia, Tampico, Villahermosa and Merida.   Our geographical distribution of offices assures close access to the major customer locations and timely flow of information.  

Vertek’s team is composed of engineers with different backgrounds.  Through our eight representative sales offices in Mexico we maintain a visible presence and close relationship with the major industrial consumers.  Our goal is to provide the manufacturers and service companies that we advise with the most relevant and complete information regarding the market for their goods and services in order to achieve and maintain long term competitiveness while at the same time providing the best solution for the customer’s needs both technically and economically. Our strengths have been mainly developed in the Electric Utility sector, the Nuclear Power Generation field and the Geothermal Generation.  We routinely participate in International Public Tenders where we fulfill end users and contractors demand for quality and price.  Each office has a sales team, and some offices have experts in areas such as Mexican procurement law, laboratory qualifications, licensing and lobbying.

Vertek’s Vice President has worked within the power sector in Mexico therefore having access to key decision makers within CFE, and Mexican Government ministers through relationships of trust built up over 30 years of collaboration.  Lobbying at all levels of the Mexican government to expedite licensing, permitting, and facilitate project phase transitions. 

Also access to proven expert legal counsel in the Mexican power sector.

Vertek has partnered with companies worldwide to build, maintain and expand the electric power, nuclear power and infrastructure in Mexico. 

We have the knowledge of the bid documents and proposal preparations needed for CFE (Comisión Federal de Electricidad).  These bids are very specific and detailed and any deviation results in disqualification.   We obtain financing tailored to CFE’s guidelines.  We have in depth knowledge of Mexican importation laws and procedures.  We work with superior customs agents who import the products in a timely and efficient basis.  Vertek reviews commercial, financial, legal and fiscal aspects of proposals our customers submit in order to comply with CFE regulations.